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Restore the look and function of your teeth with dental fillings

Dental fillings are tooth restorations that are used to repair decay damaged or trauma damaged teeth. Thorough, regular cleaning of your teeth, six-monthly dental check-ups and a healthy diet can help to eliminate dental decay and avoid the need for fillings.

What happens if I need a filling?

If you do require fillings however, the procedure is completely straightforward. At Pialba Dental Hervey bay, we will begin by making sure you are as comfortable as possible for this quick restoration. The process involves some anaesthetic to numb the area and then we will remove the decay. The cavity is cleaned, dried, and then filled. This returns the toot to its original shape, appearance, and functionality.

At our practice, we offer tooth coloured, or ‘white’ fillings.

Tooth coloured fillings

Tooth coloured, or ‘white’ fillings are the latest advancement in dentistry for tooth restoration. White fillings are made of a strong composite material that bonds to your teeth. The result is a natural-looking, harmonious, and durable restoration.
White fillings provide a long-lasting strong result that matches your teeth aesthetically and is less susceptible to temperature sensitivities than traditional fillings, this is why they are so popular.

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